Be mindful of the silent voice of ‘I’ness inside and recognise its tune.

~ . ~

Mindfulness is a sense of Presence in Space leading to a centre of Awareness that is ‘I’: a core of warm radiance, a light force that has the power to move the worlds.

Forever beyond Time, Space and Thought

Through endless beginnings and ends

Alive, Awake, Radiant

I Am


Living Presence behind the Eye

Warmth, Light, Might

Respecting all Life and Caring for all Things

I Protect Silence


I look below the surface of events

And See everything as if for the first time

I live in a World where everything is Meaningful

I Understand


With a Peaceful and Merciful Heart

I Smile at the Drama of Living

I can Appreciate Qualities in Others

I can Express Benevolence

I Enjoy the play


I know when to Initiate Action

I know when to Leave

I know everything is vain except Goodness

I let no one go empty-handed


The same Strength that Opens the Spring Buds

Flows from the Essence of my Being

Like the Mighty Tree

I Thrive toward the Light

Like the Sun stroking the humble Flower

I can make a Smile Blossom on my Brother’s Face


I know Eternity

I know Right Action

I know Success

What else can I Be other than I Am?


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