You don’t have a life. You ARE life.

                                                              Eckart Tolle

The mountain top, not far from where I live. Where the Earth meets the Sky.

The place is magical but it is seldom like that nowadays – often crowded with noisy tourists. Yet, sometimes you can get it for yourself, a few friends, the sound of the wind and, when you are really lucky, eagles circling in the sky.


5 thoughts on “Silence

  1. Aaah Mount Abu i should have guessed..have heard so much about it really that beautiful..
    the photo is stunning.
    it amazes me that people go as tourist every place serene but make their own environment where they live so filthy and loud

    1. Good morning Soma, Yes, Mount Abu … Arbuda … the daughter of the Hymalayas brought by a giant snake and dropped in the desert. I asked one old saddhu once to tell me more about the story and he asked his head in disbelief and said, ‘oh, it is very complicated you know!’ We know … Yes, the place is very beautiful – or should I say ‘was’ – it is increasingly invaded by careless tourists from nearby Gujarat who come to … have a drink because of the liquor ban in their state. So the stunning mountain you saw on the pic is still there, still stunning but often crowded with mobile phones, screaming people and chips packages … modern life dear! But still beautiful because tourists never go to far outside of the crowded, chaotic and sometimes almost violent well travelled roads. Since yesterday, the clouds have come back for the summer vacations and it is so wonderful. They will be here, living among us for more or less the whole summer. Come one of those days.

      1. well you can’t blame them…. poor poor souls gotta drink can gujrat not let people drink, how shocking, violation of human rights,there must be some law somewhere
        we should fight for their rights..oh “gujju bhais”
        often find people stocking up their bar like maniacs before dry days..i feel bad for them
        you gave me a topic for my next post

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