Seven shift YOU need to make if you want to be at peace with yourself and live a life you love.

Your effectiveness, the degree of happiness you experience and the amount of control you have over your life relies on seven principles.

We have called them mind shifts because they are shifts of perception – changes of mind. Have you ever changed your mind? I assume you have. And what happened when you did? You brought change.

Here is a good opportunity to do it again – for good.

Mind Shift 1 – The reality that we ‘see’ is not real: it is an image created by the brain that fills the field of our consciousness and that we usually confuse for reality.

We all fall in the trap of believing that the way we see ourselves and the world around us is what the world and ourselves are. But this is an illusion. Like all illusions, it may frighten us or make us wonder but ultimately, it is deceptive.

The mechanism of perception going on 24/7 in our consciousness informs and underlies our opinions, judgments, emotions and choices. If we are serious about taking our life into our own hands or simply wanting to be happy, we need to recognize it for what it is.

Here is how it works: external data about the real world ‘out there’ is received by the senses and transmitted to the brain where it is processed and projected as an holographic image of reality that fills the field of our consciousness or mind.

When we see a tree in front of us, what we actually see is not the tree itself but a 3D image of the tree unfolding in the field of our mind and perceived by the inner eye of awareness.

Although it appears to be rock solid and we seldom question its validity, this image is not ‘reality’. It is an entirely subjective representation of our own making, a personal interpretation of real life events that we most often mistake for the events themselves.

We all know, for example, how our own moods and states of mind can influence the way we judge people and experience situations. A good mood makes the world appear beautiful; a bad mood transforms it into a place of desolation and despair. It is the same world – only our perception has changed. But this change of perception has far reaching consequences on what we make of our life.

The moment-to-moment representations of reality created by our brain are the maps we use to find our way through life. Unless they are accurate and updated, we will not reach the destination we are thriving for.

Those maps are a product of our beliefs: the programs encoded in our brain that represent the sum of all we have heard, learned, felt, experienced, understood and been told or taught. To objectify and update our maps simply means to check our beliefs.

Each one of us lives in a world of our own making. Unless we have trained our mind to be still or have achieved a certain degree of control over our own thoughts; unless we know how to observe and seek objectivity in all things, the meaning we assign to things and the resulting emotions and choices that result from that do not tell much about those ‘things’ in themselves but they says a lot about ourselves and the beliefs or emotions we harbor in our consciousness.

It follows that:

1. In order to be at peace, fulfilled and happy in our life, we primarily need to focus our attention to our inner world and bring there the improvements we seek for our life.

2. In order to do this, we need to train ourselves to see the content of our own consciousness as a mirror of the kind of reality we are creating for ourselves rather than a set of rigid opinions, judgments and certainties about ‘the way things are’.

3. We cannot really understand what is happening in our life, in the world or in another person unless we understand our own selves because ultimately, in our inner world, we are the ones who create our life, the world and others.



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