Inner life is the workshop where outer life is created



Character determines who you are. Who you are determines what you see. What you see determines what you do.


OUR PSYCHOLOGICAL LIFE is more than a weird inner movie made of the stuff of dreams: it is a creation. Beyond being the space in which we really experience life, our mind is the primary dimension where our ‘real’, physical, life is given shape.

Words, emotions and actions are conceived and designed in the workshop of the mind in exactly the same manner as a builder, a marshal, an entrepreneur or an actor first designs, plans and rehearses what they will do before executing it. But we are not aware of it. We could but it takes place very fast and most of us completely miss it.

This is the main reason we lack control over our own life and create the conditions of our lives ‘by default’, straight from the programs that have been encoded in us since the time we were born.

If we could slow the process down, we would start to ‘see’ and could reclaim the power we have lost: the power to live our life as free, self-determined and creative individuals.

I am not just talking about ‘positive’ thinking here. The rationale of positive thinking is that if you ‘think’ nice things, they will tend to manifest in your life. This is of course true to a great extent but it is very incomplete.

For most people, ‘positive’ thinking means a thin layer of positive – often wishful – thinking covering a mass of old, unchecked and mostly … beliefs.

It is not thoughts alone that make our life beautiful or miserable: it is the quality of our ‘being’ or, to be more precise, the ability to bring our real self at the forefront of our consciousness and live with authenticity, integrity and the benevolence that reveals itself as an intrinsic part of our human nature when we start clearing the junk inside.

You do not become happy by living in a pink, ‘positive’, cloud. You become happy when you meet and connect to reality and this includes meeting and connecting to your real self. When you do it, it appears natural and possible to organise your life around its needs, aspirations and principles. You build authentic character.

There is much more to our life than thoughts and dreams becoming true because most of the dreams we have today are a mere projection of our memory on the screen of the future. Most of them are no more than a personalized display of your socio-cultural-familial conditioning. They are not ‘authentic’ and do not reflect our real ‘I’.

There is much more to ourself than social image and the face we can see in the mirror. We are more than our education, our culture, our achievements or failures or what the past has made of us. We are more than what we think we are and our life is deeper, vaster, mightier and much more meaningful than we have ever been told.

And if we are artists forming our life as we live it, a good question to ask ourselves then would be what are our ‘real’ dreams.


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