Artist, parent, builder of worlds – the Self King




This world is a dream. Cross it as a master.


WE SEEK PEACE, freedom, love, happiness and power because we are, in essence, peaceful, free, loving, happy and powerful beings.

When we look at our life honestly, we cannot miss the fact that however much we believe we have been influenced, betrayed, cheated or compelled, very few decisions have actually been made without our consent. Someone tempted, convinced, threatened or ‘bought’ us in some way and we said, ‘yes’.

Both history and our own personal experience tell us that no one has enough power to make us do anything unless we accept it; unless we decide to want it.

This is a bitter medicine to swallow for most people as we have grown accustomed to believe that others or external circumstances are responsible for our own failures and pains – and we blame them.

But the simple truth is that we rule our personal world. We may be a weak, ignorant or incompetent ruler, but we do rule.

Why have we forgotten then? Lack of education. Wrong priorities. Laziness maybe. How many of us were told there is an ‘inner’ dimension to life, let alone being encouraged or educated to care about it?

Out of ignorance and carelessness, we have ignored this inner kingdom. We have mismanaged our personal resource and allowed what was meant to be a garden of joy and beauty to grow into a jungle, wild, confused and worrisome.

The self-king is there, but he is surrounded by unwise, uncaring and often self-serving, cunning advisors; he is bound by disempowering beliefs, life-crippling habits and ambiguous agreements.

The kingdom that was entrusted to his stewardship has been lost to foreign influences, invaded by unchecked ambitions and beliefs, colonised by values, life styles and aspirations that are not really his.

He has lost none of his aspirations for a life of meaning, love and freedom but what he has lost is the confidence that he can do it because he doesn’t know or, more precisely, he doesn’t remember who he is – a king.

The sole purpose of SEEDS for Change is to support your Self-king in his task of reasserting his power and come back to the position of authority and self-determination that are his – your – birthright.

To do that, the he will need to be acknowledged for who he is; to be inspired and empowered to truly want his freedom. He will need to cultivate courage, persistence and determination.

He will need, before all, to acquire a broader, clearer, understanding of himself, of his kingdom and of the forces at play – those, external to him, that tie him in bondage; those, external still, but on which he can rely and take support from; and those, inside his soul, that are his true powers.

A note on gender: Finding a pronoun referring to the self is not simple. To stay in line with common tradition, I am using ’he’ as we speak of ‘man’ to refer to mankind. I could have used a ‘he-she-it’ but that would not have gotten any closer to the truth, and would have made reading heavy.


2 thoughts on “Artist, parent, builder of worlds – the Self King

  1. Exactly what I have been thinking about and having animated discussions with Sam! How very often we give awar our responsibility to rule to another. Thank you Frederic for another excellent and timely post. Wishing you a wonderful day filled with beautiful blessings. Sharon

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