You already have all you need


Instead of searching for what you do not have, find out what it is that you have never lost.


OUR LIFE BECOMES an exciting adventure and we become capable of transforming problems into creative opportunities when we realise that, as a human being, we are endowed with three fundamental abilities it is our responsibility to understand, develop and ‘cultivate’. Those three abilities are innate: we have ever ‘leaned’ them. They are positive and self-organising. They are intelligence, sensitivity and creativity.

  • Intelligence arises from curiosity, from meeting life with interest, with love and with the awareness that everything has a meaning as well as consequences. It grows with the courage to inquire, to question, to think for yourself and to use what you know in practical life. When acknowledged and honoured, it becomes wisdom.
  • Sensitivity or empathy is the ability to feel what you or others are going through and therefore to empathise, sympathise and relate with tact. Without it, a person is blind, clumsy, inappropriate or even unknowingly violent. With it, they are ‘emotionally intelligent’: able to keep their heart – and the hearts of others – free from fear, sorrow, resentment, grief or anger.

When acknowledged and honoured, sensitivity gives birth to benevolence: a spontaneous wish and concern for the well-being of others.

  • Creativity or personal power is the ability to take your life in your own hands, shape your destiny and manifest the dream that is contained in your soul. It is the awareness of being the master of your own world and of your life – which you already are at this very moment although you may still be under the illusion that this is otherwise.

And yes, I need not ask you whether you already own them: you know you do and you are using them at this very moment just as you have used them since the time you were born.

The magic is that from the cultivation of those three root abilities, all qualities of character spontaneously blossom like the thousand nuances and shades that fill a painter’s canvas are a combination of three fundamentals colour: red, blue and yellow.

When you commit yourself to put intelligence, sensitivity and creativity at work in all situations and under all circumstances, you start witnessing the emergence of virtues in your life.

Patience, kindness, integrity, courage as well as a greater clarity of perception, accuracy in action, a surer feeling for harmony, intuition, determination and a host of other behavioural gems.

The real wonder is that it is happening without the need to separately cultivate or train yourself in any of those specific areas.

This is the common sense, do it yourself, fast track approach to personal development. It is genuine. Anyone can do it.

Something else also happens when you start to consciously ‘use’ the love, the power and the intelligence that you are. What is that? You enter in resonance with similar energies abundantly flowing all around. You set in motion powerful forces that start working to provide you with the conditions you need to grow – I said ‘need’, not necessarily ‘want’.

It is a law of nature that every seed be granted the support it requires to develop and bear fruit. If nature can do that for a poppy-seed, a sequoia or a cabbage, it should also be able to do it for me, for you, for all of us who are living, conscious, wise, loving and responsible ‘seeds’ – or will it only do it to the extent that we are ‘conscious, wise, loving, responsible’?

Concepts like intelligence, love, creativity, life or God mean a million things to a million different people. But they are, in reality, only one thing.

Intelligence is intelligence; live is love; life is life and God is God. It is up to us to clarify our minds and hearts to perceive them as they truly are and not as we would like them to be.

This effort is never wasted because only when we understand something for what it is, can we use or cultivate it – and enjoy the fruit it bears.

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One thought on “You already have all you need

  1. Well said Frederic, we have all we need … just that we often ignore it.
    In psychotherapy, I often try to focus on development of this sense of benevolence, along with wisdom. With an assumption that it will make the journey towards conscious creation of one’s life, little more easier, smoother…
    How are you doing? I added u on linkedin.

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