The deeper life

When you look at what makes your life beyond the obvious reality of earning, spending, coming into relationship, setting goals, solving problems, watching TV, sleeping or going through physical routines, you become aware of another realm of activity, more subtle and less noisy than the physical one, but one that is underlying and shaping your entire physical existence: the endless incidence of thoughts, mental images, feelings, emotions and motives that arises and moves in the space of your consciousness.

Just like external reality appears as a never-ending sequence of events, there is, in the field of ‘internal’ reality, a similar on going sequence of ‘internal’ events: emergence of past memories projecting themselves on the screen of the future to forecast possible happenings; uninterrupted chatter between varied voices in the mind; ceaseless flow of feelings in the heart; and relentless movements of apprehension and desire agitating your energy field.

Those inner happenings form your inner ‘atmosphere’: the ‘sphere of the atma’, the soul, your inner world, the personal universe in which your experience life happens.

Your inner world is as deep, vast and rich as the outer one. It can be as joyful, complex, intense, lethal, fascinating, boring, hopeless, miserable or abundant. The only difference is that, in your inner world, you are the master.

We often think that resources are ‘out there’ but this is an incomplete way of looking at things. Most of your most precious resources are actually inside yourself. They are your physical, intellectual, emotional, creative and spiritual abilities.

Internal or personal resources are primary: they determine whether you can recognise, access and benefit from external resources and opportunities.

  • You need mental clarity to recognise and evaluate whether an opportunity really contributes to your life goals;
  • You need courage and self-confidence to make determined decisions that will transform good intentions into results;
  • You need an intelligent heart to engage and sustain fulfilling relationships;
  • You need spiritual power to stand still in the present and face the facts of life as they come to you. Without it you cannot connect to the living world around you or find your way through the apparent complexity of life; you cannot make sense of the intricate business of living.

You live at every single moment of your life, in a universe filled with infinite resources and opportunities. Your success or failure, your happiness and the ‘magical quotient’ of your life depends on how well you relate to those opportunities and this is essentially a matter of whether or not you know how to use your inner resource.


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