No news, good news – some news, good news!

Dear friends, warmest greetings from the mountain in the clouds of Rajasthan!


The monsoon is late and may not come before mid August like last year and the year before. Climate change … it used to last for 3 months now it is over in 2 weeks! Yet, there is still water enough on that top of the world in the middle of dry land … God knows how.

The pictures below are from one month ago, during the spring – the seasons are different here: winter, spring, summer, monsoon, Indian spring, winter … Last year as the drought was seriously menacing, I really thought about that wonderful thing that is water. I looked and watched and wondered – how come you find it so high (1200m) in a semi desert area with 2 weeks of solid rain a year and nothing else than bright sun for the rest of the time … I still do not know although I learnt a few things.

But what again amazed me was the wisdom of water – settle and rest when the world is a pool; run like a horse when the going is steep; permeate the stone with the stubborn patience of a freedom fighter planning for the next revolution; break through resistance with the unified force of a million drops; become still when it is really too tough out there – freeze and just wait for the next spring to run free; become subtle and let go of your physical form when it is too dry fly in the atmosphere carried by the winds and reincarnate where the trees and grass are calling your name … and so much more.

I still remember last year, after months of dry dust and rationing – one hour of supply every three days – I still remember the first water we gathered from the rain. It was so incredibly pure, vibrant and alive that I really hesitated to bathe with it, too afraid to spoil it …

Anyway, all this to say that it hasn’t rained much so far.

But what I really want to share is a note of remembrance to all of you with whom we are connected. I am not posting much at the moment, not because I am not writing or have lost the spirit but because I am working full-time on the website that will be the parent of this blog… and I am not very clever with technology and a bit of a perfectionist …

I hope we (the royal we which means ‘I’) will launch it within 3 weeks. It will be connected to the blog and all the main articles will be there.

Will keep you posted of course.

I hope you are enjoying the summer – I am sure you do.



9 thoughts on “No news, good news – some news, good news!

  1. Good morning and thanks Jyotsna – yes, water is a great teacher – another of those things I learnt in North Vietnam where it is the dominant energy. It can be very stagnant at times, especially in Ha Noi where the heat, humidity and atmospherical pressure is such that it crushes you. So the answer to that is ‘move’ move all the time. I was really amazed when I saw that in the elders, those who were still in connection with their traditional way of living – they will never stay still for more that a few sec and move, move, move … a bit in circles sometimes but … it was a good lesson because water and emotions or moods have a lot in common and one simple way to get out of stagnant moods is … move, do something different fast before it settles. All best wishes for your day!

  2. Interesting to know that elders there keep moving. Wow! I need to see it, catch the same spirit and practice it.
    I do agree about the emotions, if we don’t change them fast enough, they settle and turn into mood.
    A very good day to you too, Frederic! 🙂

  3. Hello Frederic and what really gorgeous photos and what really excellent news! I do apologise for not writing before eventhough I have been thinking of you often and knowing that with each day, some forward movement is taking place with the website soon to be unveiled. I can only imagine what a labour of love this must have been. I wish that just like water, you too will go with the flow of inspiration, be resilient yet pure of heart and like fresh water, you will be sustained constantly even as you nourish the world. As always, with much admiration and warmest wishes, Sharon.

    1. Dear Sharon, Loving greetings and so good to hear from you! Yes, our Mount Abu is beautiful with some stunning views and places around. Many thanks for your warm good wishes, they are most welcome as I am sinking in the technology … I never imagined it would be so much work. Anyway, with a resilient yet pure of heart and like fresh water … we are moving forward. I saw from the comments in your blog that the holidays are fun and warm in Finland! Love to you and your beautiful family Sharon!

  4. That first image of green garden took my breath away..where is this I mean is this a park or part of reserve forest
    oh the rain is not going to say yes that easily it seems..
    hey Good luck with the website am waiting eagerly
    wish you a lovely week and beautiful inspiring times ahead 🙂

    1. Yes, its beautiful around here. The area is protected: no hunting, no building, wild animals protected, very rich – disappearing – flora and the only human predator is Guju bhai! It is quite amazing because it is 1200 m high and it looks like valleys in some places. We discovered the variety of flowers and got amazed last spring.
      No, rain is sulking again … Delhi same?
      Website building and inspiration … don’t go well together I am learning. So much detail work to customise and my poor brain doesn’t have the habit of doing such detective work! Anyway, something has to be suffered on the road to meaning, beauty and service. One more wek I hope and we will be able to start loading contents.
      After I read your last post few days ago, I thought about asking you whether you have read Aurobindo and the MOther – you mush have. Sri Aurobindo is not always easy to read (cannot say anything without including it in the cntext of the cosmic evolution of man and the gods and average sentence usually a paragraph long) but the mother is more accessible because incredibly practical. But what made me make a link between you and them i a book I am readin at the moment from a Westerner from Auroville, a very thorough and sound man from what I read: Georges Van Vrekhem – Preparing for the miraculous. I had read and really enjpyed his biography of Aurobindo last year and this one os also very interesting and inspiring. I feel it would strike a few chords in you. OK, back to the technos!! THanks for the break.

      1. Frederic you are not going to like this but i have read neither…No matter how hard i try i am not able to focus on these books for more than a minute…something about self help books and biography’s..i am sorry for dissapointing you but i truly am a ADD person..i read thrillers,comics,cartoons etc..but .
        The very name of Sri Aurobindo is so heavy like hammer…i will try and give it an attemot now that you have mentioned..but will be one herculian task..

      2. oh, no, no, no then! Promise you will not even try! That would really be herculean and it would not bear any fruit. I understand what you say re your reading taste and this is why I was mentioning it – for me, although I have not read many thrillers, his story and the work he has set himself to achieve is a real one – a fantastic story. But you need to take it out of the ‘sri’ context and just look at the script – gods and demons and intricate insights into the nature of life and 20th century history; the story of the Earth and the evolution of consciousness, a battle of epic of the Lambreta girl’s proportion fought from his room in Pondichery, etc – I have not read much although I like to write – I have gone through a lot of really mind blowing French comics like I was telling you once – but this is the most exciting, neuron firing and soul stirring I have ever come across. But don’t try to read Aurobindo because it will definitely put you off, his style is a bit … anyway … we stay friends!

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