Cultivating Generosity

A heart warming talk by our great friend Nipun Metha: Designing for Generosity

From the TED blurb:

“What would the world look like if we designed for generosity? Instead of assuming that people want to simply maximize self-interest, what if our institutions and organizations catered to our deeper motivations?”

A compelling TEDx talk explores this question and introduces the concept of Giftivism: the practice of radically generous acts that change the world.

The video is charged with stories of such acts, ranging from:

  • the largest peaceful transfer of land in human history, to
  • a pay-it-forward restaurant, to
  • a 10-year-old’s unconventional birthday celebration, and
  • the stunning interaction between a victim and his teenage mugger.

With clarity and insight, it details the common threads that runs through all these gift manifestations, and invites us to participate through everyday acts of kindness — in an uplifting global movement.”

And if you liked the video, also take a few moments to read Nipun’s graduation speech


6 thoughts on “Cultivating Generosity

  1. Dear Frederic, I came by first thing today to check out this talk and also the graduation speech by Nipun Mehta. Thank you for introducing us to this truly remarkable and revolutionary shift in the paradigm of thinking and what it looks like in daily life!

    To appeal to the inner transformation of each person and draw out from every soul the force of goodness through the practice of service, honour, abundance and kindness. How very true that change can only begin with a change of our mindsets and how we reframe the equation.

    I was also most inspired by his walking pilgrimage that he took with his newly wedded wife six months into marriage and the deep lessons and people they met along the way in India. What a dynamism that would bring to such a priceless journey.

    Thank you for this seed of inspiration and the work that you devote yourself to each day. I look forward to working with you in whatever small ways to contribute to a more beautiful world.
    “The Practice of Radically Generous Acts Can Change the World!”
    Always, Sharon

    1. Good morning Sharon, it is always very happy to see your little image pop in! I was sharing the same thing with Soma few days ago, but it really gives a feeling that the world is in order!
      Yes, this is great work. Nipun is not the only person working in this direction but he is one who has really formulated the concept and it is very a interesting insight into our economic, political systems all based on the selfishness paradigm. And it really fits into the wider picture of spiritual wisdom and the current shift toward a culture of sharing and love which is currently taking place on our planet. So good to see this great movement sweeping through humanity and building the foundation of the NEW.
      I am still working on the website and probably one more month before it is operational.
      With pure love rom the heart of the soul, f

      1. Hello there! I’m right now reading your latest post and so much to share!! Yes, it is indeed great to link up with so many souls out there working to achieve the same goals – each with a unique contribution, each bringing a new dimension and facet for Change. Surely, we are all working towards building a brave new world.
        Catch up with you in a bit at your other post! 🙂

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