“What would we be without an ego, a self? Perhaps we would be divine” ~ Vimala Thakar

Have you ever tried to look ‘inside’ yourself? If you have, you probably came across a mixture of positive traits of character and unproductive habits mingling with truly praiseworthy aspirations, a crowd of valid insights about the nature and relativity of reality, and a fair amount of junk.

But as you persevered and worked to disentangle the threads, you probably ended up meeting with a genuine inner goodness of being or spontaneous aspiration for being good, feeling good and wanting to do good. Everyone has it although not everyone shares the same idea of what ‘good’ means to them.

Although we have been brought up to see ourselves as insecure, lazy, selfish and competitive creatures, a more direct, intimate and unconditioned connection with our own inner being seems to reveal that the ‘self’ that we are is actually

  • Innately self-aware, secure and confident;
  • Seeking belonging, togetherness and sharing; and that it
  • Appears willing to shake up old habits for the sake of learning, understanding and progress.

We – and the great majority of people – do not consciously want to do wrong. We do it because we lack the awareness and know how required to do ‘right’ or because we have not paid attention to clarify what right and wrong truly means to us. Another reason is that we have identified to painful past experiences or life limiting beliefs.

All of us have experienced loss, failure and pain and some of us have thrived on them because we knew, intuitively or as a result of our education that, beyond its apparent harshness, life is actually consistent, purposeful and caring. We were aware that there are principles operating behind the stage to maintain a universal coherence; we were aware that those principles reflected a form of cosmic intentionality that seeks our own growth in exactly the same manner as it supports the growth of all living things.

We began to relax.

Although we had temporarily felt submerged by fear, grief, pain, anger or self-hatred, deeper inside was the awareness – and with it the trust – that failure is learning; loss, opportunity; and that the ending of old forms heralds the beginning of the new, the renewal of creativity.

We understood that the ways and demands of our egos were inadequate, senseless and uncertain whims compared to the great wisdom of Life or God. We even realised that it was this very ego, like a treacherous friend, who was the actual cause for our suffering – and we decided to abandon it to its own destiny; to stop caring or feeling concerned for it.

We came to terms with the fact that our sense of importance, our insistence on control, our wants and fears and regrets and worries were illusions – thought forms and shadows dancing in our mind.

We accepted to be real, which means ordinary, humble, ‘normal’ and came back to the learning board. We started to live.

As one embraces unwanted or painful experiences and uses them to access the deeper dimension of our being, we chose to withdraw our attention from the events and direct it toward the learning, the growth. We stop giving our attention to that which is dying and shift it to where the new is emerging – which is where the energy and the thrill are.

Suffering subsides and gives rise to a sense of awe, gratitude and wonder emerging from the inner heart.


7 thoughts on “Goodness

  1. Frederic thank you so much for that lovely word hug on my post
    Loved that quote and what a beautiful write up and i so agree with you,most people really do not mean harm but ..then what you mean and what you do has to match…
    if you see someone hurt you have to get up and help no matter how late you will be for that very important meeting.
    And i want the education board to realise the main objective of study is to create awareness not getting good marks,that should come second. the day we start preparing our kids to learn for one self and not for competition..ego,selfishness,road rage,will start going down..somewhere in a mad rush to gain money and fame we have unlearnt to live
    we have to revive that dying art of living again..
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts so wonderfully woven 🙂

    1. Yes, I can only agree with that Soma. We have to start reviving the dying art of living and start with our own selves and those around us. Education boards won’t realise much. They only think – if we can call this ‘think’ – in terms of complying. Awakening and liberating the human intellect and heart has been a passion since I can remember I make choices for myself although I am not too sure how much I have really done it for myself; but the vision, the intent and the will to do it are there. Hey, even if we cannot change much, at least there is joy, power, meaning, love and some sort of usefulness in doing it at our own level! and that is THE change isn;t it? I feel grateful to have met your blog and your style inspires me.

  2. Thank you for another excellent post. If you have some moments today, make yourself your favourite cup of tea, sit back and be blessed and I wish you a very good day wherever you are, whatever you are doing! Warmest greetings, Sharon

    1. Sat back, didn’t drink the tea but enjoyed the video tremendously! Thanks a lot for it. I have a collection of good ones too. I will dig and share. Warmest greetings to you to and all best wishes for the day also – it is evening here now.

    1. Good morning and many thanks for your visit and appreciation and glad to be part of your blog – I had a look yesterday and is is very good – a great contribution to the well being of people! I look forward to meet again and co-operate in the process of awakening and transformation taking place in the world today. Sincere regard and all best wishes for the days to come!

      1. You are most welcome, we all have a lot to learn and a lot to give. We all just need to step forward and do what is right 🙂 Thanks for your thoughts and words of guidance.

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