Self Awareness … why?


“To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.” ~ Emily Dickinson

The journey of self-discovery has fascinated men since the dawn of history and occupied some of the greatest minds of mankind – and this is for a number of very good reasons.

The first one is that if you do not know yourself and live your own life, who will? Dying people do not regret what they have done wrong so much, but they feel sad over the things they didn’t do, things like having the courage to express their true feelings or being true to themselves instead of living the life others expected of them. They ask themselves questions such as ‘have I loved? Have I done what I was meant to do? Have I lived? It is not only your duty to reveal the potential that nature or God has placed within your soul: it is the only way to be – and the only viable option is you intend to be happy.

The second reason is that you cannot really understand life or other people if you do not understand yourself. This may sound like a paradox, but it is one of those basic facts of life. We try very hard to understand others but it is only when we first look inside ourselves that we start understanding what is taking place inside them. Why is this? Simply because we are all more or less built on the same patterns and share the same basic tendencies, aspirations, fears, hopes, doubts, dreams, etc. When you know yours, you become skilled at recognising and understanding others’.

The third reason is that everything taking place in your life, every emotion you experience, every behaviour you display, every word you speak is of your own making. It is first of all designed in the workshop of your mind. It follows that the more you are aware of your inner life, the more you can reclaim control and mastery over your emotions, words and actions; you become empowered to live your life as you really want to live it. Your state of mind is your real experience of life. If it is clear, purposeful, loving and joyful, you live in a beautiful, meaningful, loving and happy world. If it is sad, angry or jealous you live in a world filled with sadness, anger and intrigue. Simple.

One of the main problems of today’s world is that we seem to know everything about anything but we have lost touch with ourselves. We have developed extremely sophisticated technologies and our computers have evolved into a worldwide brain that seems to know the answer to every imaginable question but we have become increasingly ignorant of what is taking place within the inner circles of our own families, as well as within our own hearts, minds and souls. We are taught to seek happiness on the outside by consuming foods, images, information and sensual experiences and we ignore the living source from where authentic goodness of character, spontaneous creativity, love and joy emerge: our beautiful, deep and mysterious ‘Self’.


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