Good Morning!

time and perception



Good morning, when told any time of the day, is something that always make people smile – sometimes after an initial frown …

We started that weird habit in our centre in Hanoi where we were offering free workshops in self-awareness, character development and life skills to students and young professional. We would open seminars and evening classes with a bright ‘good morning!’ both to catch people’s attention but also to make a point – and many times did we find this ‘Good morning’ in answer to the question ‘what did you like best about the seminar’ in our feedback forms.
So, what is time, really? We speak of time as something objective but it is not and there are actually several kinds of ‘time’. 

One is physical time: the chopping down of eternity into years, months, weeks, hours, minutes and seconds, and this is an objective thing, a way of measuring the speed and intensity of change meant to help us structure and organise our life.

The second is ‘psychological’ time: it is the way in which you experience the endless flow of changes that are taking place around and within you. Psychological time is subjective because it is entirely dependent on your attitude, your inner feeling and state of mind. When you are bored, time seems to drag its feet. When you are passionate, overwhelmed with emotion or challenged, it passes and disappears like a flash of light.

Then there is ‘no time’. ‘No time’ is the perception of time you have when you live fully in the present moment, fully attentive and absorbed in what you are doing, watching or listening to. In that state of being, there is no time because there is no thought. Time is a creation of the mind, of thought. If you were not thinking, you would not perceive the passage of time – or you would perceive it but not be disturbed or excited by it. You would live with a feeling of eternity. When you are fully present, time and thoughts seem to come to a standstill and the concepts of past and future disappear – and with it, your memories, your regrets, the past experiences that define you and you expectations about the future, your hopes and worries.

So, it may be afternoon, evening or night in your ‘outside’, ‘objective’ world, but what time is it in your inner world? What time is it in your heart, in your mind, in your soul? Do you feel blissfully eternal? Does your state of mind reflect the freshness, the vibrant vitality and clarity of dawn? Do you feel sleepy as we sometimes do in the early afternoon; are you in the relaxed and playful mood of the early evening – or just plain tired and ready to disappear in the blissful forgetfulness of sleep? What time is it in your inner world? It is the Time of Your Life

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    1. Hi friend, many thanks for visiting and leaving those messages behind. Those little signs are always nice. They make us feel we are part of a great movement of awakening and change! All best wishes to you and your work.

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